How to care for bulb plants in dormant season

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Bulbs are among the easiest group of plants to grow and care for. There is a vast variety of bulbs and they require very little effort. Since bulbs store everything they need to grow and develop foliage and blooms, very little attention is required from the gardener. Hardy bulbs remain underground, enduring freezing temperatures, drought and extreme heat.

  • Storing Tender “Bulbs” for Winter
  • Bringing Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) bulbs out of dormancy
  • How to Trim the Foliage on Dormant Summer Flowering Bulbs
  • Planting & Care
  • Dormant plants offer gardeners a better start
  • Bulbs, Corms, Rhizomes and Tubers
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Storing Tender “Bulbs” for Winter

Gardening Help Search. Colchicum group autumn crocus Bulb Colchicums are one of the best autumn flowering bulbs for our region. Commonly sold as meadow saffron or autumn crocus, it is neither; instead, it is a unique member of the lily family from which the potent chemical colchicine is derived.

It takes moisture better than most of the Colchicum varieties, and has better flower substance thus holding up well in autumn rains. Plant in well-draining soil, in a location that receives sun in the spring, when the foliage is present. Animal resistant. Stronger, darker colors in full sun; considerably greener in shade.

Dig and bring indoors before frost in fall. No image. Missouri Botanical Garden. Butterfly House. Shaw Nature Reserve. The Garden. Things To Know. Family of Attractions. Top Attractions. Our Garden. Your Garden. Gardening in St. Plant Conservation. Plant Science.

Additional Information. Garden Design. Fruit Gardening. Vegetable Gardening. Gardening by Month. Pests and problems. Gardening Help FAQs. Visual Guides. Best Bulbs. Grows best in very well drained soil in full sun.

If happy, it may self seed and colonize, creating quite a stunning display over time. Mostly animal resistant; some grazing may occur. Allium giganteum ornamental onion Bulb One of the showiest, with large purple balls atop four to five foot tall stems.

Unlike other large types A. Flowering time is late spring, from mid May through June; however, seasonal interest begins with stem emergence in mid April through the dried flowers in July. Full sun. Allium moly golden garlic Bulb An excellent allium for the rockery or rock garden; not as tolerant of heavy or moist soils as other types. Allium tuberosum garlic chives Bulb Terrific addition to the herb garden or perennial border.

Foliage is strongly aromatic and piquantly flavored. Thrives in well draining but moist soil in full sun; can become invasive if allowed to go to seed.

Season of bloom is summer; plant maintains its presence from mid-spring through late fall. Anemone blanda windflower Bulb Anemone blanda hybrids are the best of the bulbous anemones for our region. They prefer full sun light shade, rich soil, and adequate moisture throughout while in growth—spring woodland conditions are excellent. A tip for success: soak bulbs in lukewarm water for up to two days prior to planting, changing the water twice daily. This ensures the bulbs will have enough absorbed moisture to promote healthier root development.

Bletilla striata Chinese ground orchid Bulb A really beautiful perennial plant for a moist, organic, lightly shaded area. Pink, white, and now striated flower forms available; also available with variegated foliage. Excellent for a moist woodland or shade garden. It may take a year or two to establish, and should be left alone thereafter. Caladium bicolor angel wings Bulb This non-hardy summer bulb really adds color and tropical flair to the summer garden. Shade is its preferred site--even in the heaviest of shade where little else will grow--though many varieties will tolerate full sun just fine.

Its one requirement is lots of moisture—being tropical, it loves water, especially in the sun. A plethora of selections makes this a very user-friendly plant. Also a terrific container plant. Must be dug and stored indoors during the winter. The best storage tip: a light dusting of sulphur powder available at garden centers following digging will prevent an otherwise troublesome rot issue.

Camassia leichtlinii camass Bulb An excellent choice for low-lying or excessively moist areas during spring and fall. Tolerates heavy soil, but prefers rich, organic conditions. The best of the commercially available selections. For sun to light shade. Chionodoxa luciliae glory of the snow Bulb This, its hybrid and selected forms, and representatives of C. Colors are rich blues, whites, and pinks. Very early to early flowering, from mid-late February to early April.

Very tolerant of any soil but prefers moist organic soil, in sun or partial shade. Self seeds and increases by bulb very freely, quickly creating a carpet of color anywhere it is planted.

Probably the best early bulb display for the money. Crocosmia 'Lucifer' montbretia Bulb A unique and beautiful hardy South African bulb for the late summer garden. It is, however, very particular with soil requirements; it must be grown in exceptionally well-drained gritty soil, and must be kept very dry during their dormancy winter. Perhaps best grown as an annual bulb, lifted and stored indoors over winter. Crocus vernus 'Pickwick' spring crocus Bulb One of the truly perennial large-flowering spring crocuses.

Large violet-purple striped white flowers in early March. Most crocuses require very well drained soil for continued performance, however this variety tolerates above average moisture without hassle. Full sun, with a summer baking ideal. Unfortunately they are not animal resistant; squirrels, mice, and chipmunks love them. Very rich, deep royal purple flowers. Most crocuses require very well-drained soil for continued performance, however this variety tolerates above average moisture without hassle.

Fritillaria meleagris snake's head fritillary Bulb New Guinea hen flower, or chequered lily. The best fritillary species for garden use in our region.

One foot tall stems with fine foliage bear pendant flowers of pink, white, and maroon, uniquely checkered throughout. Blooms throughout April. For sun or shade, in moist, organic, and ideally alkaline soils. In a woodland or undisturbed situation, it will readily self seed. Galanthus nivalis snowdrop Bulb Very early, often flowering in late January to early February.

A very long-term perennial with fast increase thus clump appeal. Tolerates a wide range of conditions from moist to dry, year-round, in full sun to partial shade. Is best divided or planted in the garden in spring, while foliage is still present just after flowering. Excellent companion for later flowering plants.

Hyacinthoides hispanica 'Excelsior' Spanish bluebell Bulb Without doubt one of the best late spring flowering perennial bulbs. Ten- to twelve-inch spikes of blue-lavender flowers arise in profusion from rosettes of glossy green leaves. For sun or shade, ideally in moist, organic soils. Plant of Merit. For moist, rich soil in full sun.

Extraordinarily fragrant white flowers, up to ten inches across, bloom in late July through mid August on two-and-a-half-foot stems. Though hardy, it may take several years to establish; once established, it should not be disturbed. Foliage begins to emerge in early winter, and should be protected if hard freezes are anticipated. No Image Hymenocallis x festalis 'Zwanenburg' spider lily Bulb A gorgeous, non-hardy summer blooming tropical spider lily.

Will tolerate any moist soil in full sun. Very large amaryllis-like leaves and husky stems up to three-feet tall.

Bringing Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) bulbs out of dormancy

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. If you want to fill your garden with colour next spring, plant bulbs from October to December, before the first frost. Daffodils, tulips, crocus, grape hyacinths and fritillarias are just some of the plants to choose from. Most bulbs have a long dormant period, requiring little attention for much of the year. When buying bulbs check they're healthy and as fresh as possible, or your spring show could be a washout. Avoid any that are damaged, shrivelled or feel soft, and go for plump, firm bulbs.

Acclimate your plants by at first just bringing them in at night, so they get used to the decreased light and humidity. This can help prevent leaf drop.

How to Trim the Foliage on Dormant Summer Flowering Bulbs

When you landscape with dormant plants, you take advantage of their natural life cycle. In the fall, plants let go of foliage and flowers and store large reserves of carbohydrates. In the winter, they reduce their metabolic activity to survive cold temperatures and snowfall. In their dormant stage, they often appear lifeless. In reality, they're just getting ready to emerge in the spring bigger and better than before. That's why shipping plants in their dormant state is the best way to deliver a healthy, ready-to-grow plant. A fast-growing landscape shrub starts with the roots! Dormant plants, like the K. This large, well-hydrated, dormant iris rhizome will emerge when the conditions are right. The dry foliage on it won't cause any issues.

Planting & Care

Cannas are one of many tender bulbs that must be dug and stored indoors in cold climates. This includes caladium, calla lily, canna, dahlia, elephant ears, gladiolus, tuberous begonias and others. Even though technically they are not all bulbs, the term bulb is used in this article for convenience. Since they are not winter-hardy in our climate, they need special treatment to save for the next growing season. Many of these bulbs are expensive, yet easy to keep, so it is worth the trouble to dig and store the underground portions of these plants.

Many gardeners are tempted to cut back the foliage of flowering bulbs as soon as they cease blooming. However, the foliage does not need to be left in place once it turns yellow or brown, as this indicates that plant is finished growing for the season.

Dormant plants offer gardeners a better start

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Bulbs, Corms, Rhizomes and Tubers

For the best spring flower display, when should I fertilize my tulip and daffodil bulbs? To produce the maximum number of top-quality spring flowers, tulips and daffodils require care first in fall, at planting time, and then again in spring. At both of these times, gardeners can enrich the soil by adding a couple of inches of organic compost as well as synthetic fertilizer. After planting the bulbs in fall, top-dress the bed with a balanced, or slow-release fertilizer. Lightly cultivate the soil to disperse the fertilizer, or water it in well. Apply fertilizer to the top of the soil instead of the planting hole to avoid burning the bulbs. In spring, apply the same fertilizer when new green shoots appear.

information about the planting and care of hardy bulbs is at the bottom of this BULBS – MOST BLOOM INTO THE FALL (FOLIAGE THE ENTIRE GROWING SEASON.

Plant pots and containers can brighten up even the smallest gardens - they add colour to your outdoor space and can enhance patios and windowsills. What you plant in your pots and containers really is a matter of personal preference. Some gardeners opt for one or two blooms, while others layer bulbs in pots to enjoy a range of different colours blooming at different times throughout the spring.

Flowering bulbs provide gorgeous blooms year after year if well cared for. Grow beautiful bulbs in all seasons with this helpful flower bulb care guide. Flowering bulbs offer height and color to any garden in the spring, summer, and early fall. There are so many types of bulbs, and an increasing number of varieties of each flowering bulb species, that it can be difficult to know where to start. The most important part about planting successful bulbs is getting the timing right.

Autumn bulb planting for the stunning spring display is very popular in Victoria, NSW and cooler areas of Queensland. Most bulbs are suitable to be planted in pots and when planted en masse in gardens alongside evergreen plants they make spring gardening truely worth it.

Gardening Help Search. Colchicum group autumn crocus Bulb Colchicums are one of the best autumn flowering bulbs for our region. Commonly sold as meadow saffron or autumn crocus, it is neither; instead, it is a unique member of the lily family from which the potent chemical colchicine is derived. It takes moisture better than most of the Colchicum varieties, and has better flower substance thus holding up well in autumn rains. Plant in well-draining soil, in a location that receives sun in the spring, when the foliage is present.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Traditionally, flower bulbs - and many tubers - have been lifted every year from beds, borders and pots and then stored to ensure that they are not damaged by squirrels, mice and other vermin as it was thought they would flower less freely in subsequent years if left in the ground. Received wisdom is a funny thing; sometimes it perpetuates surprising practices with good reason, sometimes we should just move on.

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