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If you are interested in having a really special rhodo in your garden, visit the Plant Sales Pavilion for unique plants; the Foundation also has a mail-order catalog loaded with rare plants available for shipping or pick up. Huh, not sure I exactly understand the concept of a stumpery. Maybe it's just a garden made on and around a stump? My folks have got two big ones, so maybe that should be their goal if they can't get rid of them! Post a Comment. Saturday, March 7, A stumpery in progress

  • Stumped for garden inspiration? Create a stumpery!
  • The Stumpery at Biddulph Grange
  • The Hardy Fern Foundation Turns Twenty
  • A Stunning New Fern Stumpery at the Visitors Center
  • The South’s Strangest Garden?
  • Of stumps, hollow logs and a bizarre stumpery
  • Stumpery Garden
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Stumped for garden inspiration? Create a stumpery!

Given how ferns are an quintessential part of the Pacific Northwest landscapes, it seems a surprise that no one in the Pacific Northwest region had conceived a stumpery garden.

Sourcing stumps should be a cinch in a region still dependent on the logging industry, and the mild moist climate encourages not only ferns, but also mosses and shade perennials for that verdant look. The concept of a stumpery is hardly novel for the Victorians popularized them after the first one was created at Biddulph Grange, Staffordshire, UK, inNonetheless it has filled out impressively, a testament of the region's ideal climate for ferns and shade perennials.

The Riehls were inspired to create a stumpery on their property bought in after the British fern expert Martin Rickard led their European trip to view ferneries and stumperies. They had already cleared the nettles and other invasive weeds from the woodlands, and saw an opportunity to create a stumpery. In turn, the Riehls hired Rickard to design and plant one. Nearly 50 madrone and Douglas fir stumps were brought in from Vashon Island construction sites and carefully positioned to form the layout of the stumpery.

On the sunny periphery facing the house, Pat Riehl added Japanese maples, hardy scheffleras, and rhododendrons that partially screen the stumpery from immediate viewing. They transition well with the large Tasmanian tree ferns Dicksonia antarctica , hydrangeas, and broad-leafed evergreens across the path dividing the sunny and shady sections. Before descending the steps to the Stumpery, we paused to study the rock garden where Pat has tucked in choicer ferns requiring sharp drainage or otherwise lost among the larger plants in the stumpery.

Pat admits being unhappy about the rock garden, "I need to redo this bit and take out the plants that don't belong. To view the stumpery, one has to go through the tunnel constructed of tree trunks. Dwarfed by the stumps and luxuriant greenery, we immediately felt Lilliputian.

Nearly invisible, a metal framework built by Walt supports the stumps stacked over the gate. We traced our steps cautiously through the tunnel, exiting to discover a labyrinth of pathways threaded through more stumps.

More ferns and woodland perennials fill the available nooks and crannies in the stumps. Over time, moss has begun to colonize the stumps, softening the hard-edged, splintering edges. The stumps themselves are sculptural, possessing an animalistic individuality. Gnarled and bleached, they contort without intervention, oblivious to the ferns or eventual decay.

Always enjoying a chance to stump visiting fern fans and pteridologists, Pat includes fern-like plants, such as Pteridophyllum racemosum a poppy relative or the largely Asian genus Coptis. If the stumps aren't adequate receptacles for ferns, containers or rustic furniture are appropriated for adding more.

The Riehls are modern equivalents of Victorian pteridomaniacs, and in their beautiful home, ceramics and various objets d'art are decorated with fern motifs. In the Stumpery, we relaxed on a replica of a Coalbrookdale 'Fern and Blackberry' bench, taking in the greenery and the cool Pacific Northwest air. Plinth et al. Plinth et al The platform between art and horticulture. AugGardeners , Gardens , Horticulture , Plants , Scroll. Unusual ferns can be found in the shady embankment, prompting us to take photographs and notes.

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The Stumpery at Biddulph Grange

A stumpery is not only an attractive feature in the garden, it also attracts masses of wildlife. A stumpery is similar to a log pile, but is a permanent feature, consisting of upright logs, half buried in the soil, on which moss, lichen and fungi will grow. You can plant ferns in and around the logs for extra interest. Dead wood makes a wonderful wildlife habitat, providing food and shelter for a huge number of invertebrates, including wood-boring beetles, solitary bees and woodlice.

Last year Izzy McKinley, our kitchen garden horticulturalist, had to plant the garlic cloves in pots as the ground was frozen solid.

The Hardy Fern Foundation Turns Twenty

First time I heard the word was one of those finger-snap moments, a cerebral light bulb thing. Judgemental inquiries can be brushed aside with an arched eyebrow and just the word. Mine got started as a natural focal point in my new shade garden where everything was either too high or too low, nothing mid-point to grab attention or create the mood I wanted. So I propped up the top parts of some cedar and cypress trees and hung Spanish moss and allowed woodland vines to clamber. Then added a couple of wizened old stumps which now sport mosses and interesting mushrooms. Next thing I knew, a sleek lizard was propped up on one, looking at a fat old toad down in the mulch, both eyeing the same bugs. To brighten the summer-gloomy shade spot, I added a splashy water feature which attracts wildlife and a silvery-blue gazing ball. Added a few lichen-encrusted logs, and planted Hosta, Liriope, Solomon seal, creeping saxifrage strawberry geranium , Heuchera, Hellebores, winter-berried Nandina…. I once prompted frustrated neighbors with a gnarly fallen tree in their front yard to just tuck plants around it — and they ended up adding holiday lights as well! I was inclined this way by landscape architecture professor Neal Odenwald, who had connected the trunks of trees in his large yard with curving rows of fallen debris, big stuff at the bottom and smaller limbs and leaves on top.

A Stunning New Fern Stumpery at the Visitors Center

Award winning garden designer Chris Beardshaw is bringing back a long-lost gardening trend. Get the pick of the week's best stories and fascinating features direct to your inbox every Saturday and Sunday morning in our exclusive Weekender newsletter. Stumperies may be a throwback of a bygone age, but — perhaps thanks to the current trend for all things retro — they could once again command a place in the British garden, creating a cornucopia of planting opportunities and providing a haven for wildlife. So says award-winning garden designer Chris Beardshaw anyway, who has been scaling the country in search of examples of these Victorian features, similar to rock gardens but created from upturned stumps, logs, roots and pieces of bark, originally designed to display the spoils of intrepid Victorian plant hunters.

By on. A stumpery garden is a way to take your shade garden to a new level.

The South’s Strangest Garden?

The concept for the stumpery originated in Victorian era England during the mids. This fern craze is thought to be one of the major events that fueled the construction of stumperies. The first stumpery ever constructed was built on the estate of James Bateman in England by designer, artist and plantsman, Edward Cooke. This stumpery, called Biddulph Grange, is still in existence today and features stumps set into a ten foot high wall on either side of a meandering path. The development of the Stumpery at the Missouri Botanical Garden began in the fall ofStumps were collected primarily from Shaw Nature Reserve and consisted mainly of Eastern red cedar with some hardwood species added for variety.

Of stumps, hollow logs and a bizarre stumpery

The Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden, located between Seattle and Tacoma, is a acre woodland garden that is home the largest collection of Rhododendron species in the world. Visitors will experience a diverse botanical collection in a forest of Douglas fir, western red cedar, hemlock and other native plants. The garden is also home to beautiful companion plants, including the famous Himalayan Blue Poppies, Camellias, Magnolias, Japanese maples, and many rare plants. Federal Way, WARhododendron Species Foundation. Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden.

You place a bunch of large stones in a pile and fill the gaps with soil, then grow plants and flowers on it. And they can be a really attractive.

Stumpery Garden

The Stumpery is located in Reynoldstown on the Eastside Trail between Kirkwood Avenue and Wylie Street, and is a unique collection of repurposed logs and tree roots from construction sites around Atlanta. The introduction of delightful garden spaces, such as the Stumpery, creates botanical learning places that also provide natural beauty and a source of resilience in our communities. As explained in a blog post by Rachel Bergman, one of Trees Atlanta staff dedicated to its Arboretum program:.

Here comes another cold snap for the Puget Sound! Here are some quick tips for protecting your less-hardy plants from cold damage. Especially a good idea when temperatures dip into the 20s for several days. One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is finding special gifts for the people I love. The most important thing for me is that the gifts I give are thoughtful and have some meaning.

A stumpery is a garden feature similar to a rockery but made from parts of dead trees.

Advanced Search Search Tips. All prices are in GBP. Copyright Bowdens Nursery. Search Advanced Search Search Tips. Home Other Plants Stumperies. Stumperies Bowdens sells logs and stumps — please call for details onCreating Your Own Stumpery Location A stumpery is useful under trees or hedges, dank corners or to hide an eyesore; areas where there is a lot of shade and very few plants will grow.

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