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Equipment to plant a garden:

Make sure your bin is fully assembled, ready to plant.

I also use my chisel to dig a hole in the ground. So if you don’t have a chisel, it is fairly easy to find one.

This one is getting repaired now (I had thrown it away for almost 2 years!), so this is the sign.

Setup for planting (first time):

Set the water depth as about 1 cm (1/4th inch) below the water mark on the surface of the bin (if you measure it, the total height of the bin is between 80cm – 90cm or 30 inches).

I found that you have to adjust the position of the water before planting, and then it is okay after that.

Wet the soil (water should be around 1cm below the surface of the bin).

Dig a hole around 5cm (1/4 inch) in diameter.

Disassemble the bin (just leave the roof and the base).

Let the soil dry for about an hour.

Planting the seed:

Set the pots inside the bin, and drop about 5-7 seed inside.

Make sure the seed are not directly on the soil surface.

Make sure you do not drop the seed on top of a pot.

If you have germination papers, it is better to put them inside the bin.

Put the soil on top of the seed.

Cover the seed with soil to fill up the pot and cover the soil on the surface.

Cover with plastic. (I used nylon shower curtain)

Reassemble the bin.

Grow your plants:

Now just put the bin outside.

I just put my bin on my kitchen table, so I don’t have to worry about things falling.

Gardening site description:

I got my first mini garden from friends (Thanks Seogwoong and Seng-Jin!).

It was just 2 vegetable seeds.

At first I didn’t realize that it is too small to have a deep planting.

So I bought 3 larger ones at home depot.

Here is the photo.

I think the small ones are also planted (you can tell by the dried soil)

When it was first planted, I saw that the soil is kind of half dry.

I dug some holes at different spots, but the seeds did not grow well.

I even tried planting some in the egg shells, but still didn’t grow.

Then I decided that it was because they were too dry, so I watered it.

Now it has been a week, so they were a little wilted, so I water it again.

When I look at the plants, it doesn’t look like they were wiled (haha),

I look at the photo below, it was actually wilted when I took this photo.

But they are not wilted for too long, because I think they’ll recover.

I’ll let you know if I ever dry out too much (because I have too much seed)!

I have bought some ganoderma in the supermarket for the same time (about 5 days), and I tried to use it to grow the seeds.

But they didn’t grow.

Because I used really dry mushroom, I think they need to be watered every day.

This is the only one that grew (tiny seed).

Most of the seeds in the bin didn’t grow.

After about a week, they all had wilted and I couldn’t find them.

After a week, the bottom two in the picture are the only ones that didn’t grow.

I think the humidity was also not high enough (not hot enough).

Most of the seeds were growing in the egg shells.

If you want to try using ganoderma to grow the seeds, this is a good idea.

I think the ganoderma help to grow the seeds by adding water.

I will try using that again in the future, but right

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